Our company is also producing nonprinting thermal, wellum, glazed, cromolux roll stickers and sheet laser stickers/labels which are used mostly in barcode printing machines and equipments, market libras and label printing industrial libras; and we are also keeping all kind of the labels and stickers for such purpose in our inventory and ready for service with its professional staff and production line with last technology and new machines.
The most damaging issue for barcode writer machines with high value is paper dust and damaged or deformed down carrier. The labels produced in Flatbed machines and with bad cutting and slacing slices and without any standards are reducing the lifetime of the printing head of barcode machine used within up to half lifetime. Our company with aware of importance of this matter, can produce standard labels/stickers which are produced with label raw material provided from first class manufacturers in the world and by completely new machines with full rotary system and cutting and dividing process with diamond elmas blades.
So it gives you chance to use your barcode printing machine head long lifetime. Our company is submitting labels/stickers and labeling solutions for all branded equipments; and also its is able to provide ribbon printing stripes and heat system date printing stripes used in these equipments and keeping these materials in its inventory
In our facilities with paper processing capacity for labels of 100.000 sqm per month, about 2.500.000 pieces non-print labels per day are produced and presented to your usage.